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Direction To Solve
1- How many degrees should be there in the Central Angle of Corporate Houses?
2- Assume that the investment made by the NRIs are Rs. 4000 crores, then what is the investment made by Corporate Houses and FIIs together (Figures to be rounded to nearest crores rupees)?
3- What percentage of the total investment is coming from FII's and NRI's ?
4- Assume that If the total investment other than by FII and corporate houses is Rs 335,000 crore, then the investment by NRI's and Offshore funds will be (approximately)?
5- Assume that the total subscription generated is Rs. 10000 crores, what is the share of FIIs?
6- What percentage of the students in the Arts faculty are non-US students?
7- How many students are there in Engineering faculty?
8- How many students are there in the university?
9- If six percent of Science students are Asian. How many Asian students are there studying science?
10- There are 34 European medical students. What percentage of the faculty does this represent?