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IBPS Specialist Agriculture Officer Questions Set 3: These questions are very important for specialist cadre posts in Banks. Here we are providing questions on the Professional Knowledge paper of Agriculture Officer Exam of IBPS, SBI and other Banks..
1- The deadly disease of groundnut is?
2- Which one of the following is the principle "Nitrogen" fixing algal community of blue-green algae?
3- Central Plantation Crop Research institute is located at?
4- The strongest chemical agent for breaking dormancy is?
5- Salt resistant variety of barley is?
6- Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
7- A cusec of water is equivalent to?
8- When water for only one irrigation is available to wheat crop, it should be applied at?
9- Hygroscopic water is retained in soil at?
10- The optimum temperature for sugarcane ripening is?