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Choose the correct option based on the Gupta Empire. The Gupta Empire was an ancient Indian empire which existed from approximately 320 to 550 CE and covered much of the Indian Subcontinent.
1- Who was the first known Gupta ruler?
2- The silver coins of the Gupta period were known as
3- During which Gupta king’s reign did the Chinese traveller Fahien visit India?
4- Which king of the Gupta Dynasty was called the Napoleon of India?
5- Who amongst the following organized Ashwamedha Yajna ?
6- Which one of the following literary works did not belong to the Gupta period?
7- During the reign of which of the following dynasties did Kalidasa flourish?
8- Which one of the following periods marks the begaining of the Indian temple architecture?
9- _______ assumed the title of Vikramaditya.
10- In which century did the famous Chinese pilgrim Fahien visit Indian?