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Direction To Solve
The questions are based on Mahajanpada Period (600 BC to 325 BC). Choose the correct option in the given questions.
1- The India king who opposed Alexander was?
2- The ancient name of North Bihar was
3- In ancient India, the earliest capital of Magadha kingdom was at-
4- When Alexander invaded India, who were the rulers of Magadha?
5- Which one of the following rulers of Magadha was the contemporary of Alexander the great?
6- Where was the seat of the first Rebuplic of the world in 6th century BC?
7- By which ruler Patliputra was chosen for the first time as a capital?
8- The list of sixteen Mahajanapadas is available in-
9- Which was the first capital of Megadha?
10- Who founded Pataliputra?