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Direction To Solve
The questions are based on Sangam Period. Choose the correct option in the given questions.
1- The capital of Kadamba kings was-
2- The third Sangam was held at
3- The "Paditrupputtu" is a collection of poems in the praise of which of the following king?
4- 'Tolakappiyam" is related to-
5- The author of "Kural" or "Muppal" a treatise on polity, ethics and social norms was?
6- Which of the following is called "The Bible of Tamil Land"?
7- Who was the founder of Pattini Cult related to worship of goddess of chastity - Kannagi?
8- Who was the founder of Puhar (Kaveripattanam)?
9- About which of the following, it is said that: "the space in which an elephant could lie down produced enough to feed seven persons"?
10- Which of the following were the patrons of Sangam, an assembly of Tamil poets?