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Questions on Indian Infrastructure: These General Knowledge questions are based on the topic of Indian Infrastructure. We are providing you topic wise GK questions so that you can prepare in the best possible manner. The questions have been taken from previous year papers of various competitive exams.
1- When was the first train streamed off in India?
2- Where was  electricity supply first introduced in India?
3- The Tehri Hydro Power Complex is located in the state of?
4- Which of the following produces maximum crude petroleum in India at present?
5- Which one of the following is an abiotic and renewable resource?
6- Which kind of power accounts for the largest share of power generation of India?
7- Which one of the the following is the oldest oil refinery in India?
8- The first electric train (Deccan Queen) of India run between?
9- Hydel power potential is the highest in case of?
10- The oil and natural gas commission was set up in?