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banking awareness questionsQuestions on Banking Sector, Banking Industry, Banking Awareness: These questions are on Banking Sector of India which is a very important topic of General Awareness. Banking Sector is an important topic of General Knowledge of Indian Economy. Also go through Online Practice Sets on various topic to improve your preparation.
1- What are ‘Open Market Operations"
2- Which bank was earlier called the ‘Imperial Bank of India? 
3- India’s largest commercial bank is? 
4- Bank deposit that can be withdrawn without any notice are called? 
5- Which bank in India perform duties of Central Bank? 
6- Reserve bank of India was nationalized in? 
7- Green Banking means? 
8- An instrument of qualitative credit control in India is? 
9- The Monetary Policy of India is announced by the? 
10- Which of the following rates is NOT decided by the Reserve Bank of India?