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Sufi Movement: Here are some of the very important and selected questions on Sufi Movement during Medieval India. Practice and prepare well. Choose the correct option.
1- The Shrine of Hazarat Nizamuddin Auliya is situated at
2- Who was the founder of the Sufi order in India?
3- Which one of the following term was used by the Sufis for the successor nominated by the teacher of a particular order or silsila?
4- Which Sufi Saint’s Dargarh is at Ajmer?
5- What were the Khanqah in the Medieval India?
6- Which one of the following Sultans of Delhi was refused an audience by Nizamuddin Auliya?
7- The Chistiya Sufi order was established in India by.
8- Amir Khusrau played a pioneer role in the development of
9- Amir Khusrau was born at ?
10- Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya was the disciple of?