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Extremist Phase of Freedom Struggle: In this section we are going to provide you extremely important questions on the Extremist Phase of Freedom Struggle of India. Attempt the questions to enhance your knowledge.
1- Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad started an urdu weekly the Al-Hilal in 1912, but on its being banned by Government, he founded the Al-Balagh in?
2- Who was the first women president of Indian National Congress?
3- In which session of the Indian National Congress did the historic union of Congress and Muslim League take place?
4- Who was the founder-editor of the famous newspaper Kesari during the National struggle?
5- The spilt between the Extremists and Moderates came up in the open at the Surat Congress session in the year?
6- All India Muslim League was formed at?
7- Who among the following leaders dominated the Lucknow pact in December, 1916?
8- Who of the following revolutionaries set up United Indian House in the USA?
9- Which of the following leaders presided over the Congress session at Calcutta in 1906?
10- Which one of the following was not an extremist?