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Direction To Solve
SSC Previous Years GK Questions: Here are few very important Indian History Questions taken from previous years papers. Detailed Explanation has also been provided for better understanding. Attempt the questions.
1- What is the meaning of word Sangam in the Sangam Age? 
2- In Mohanjodaro, the largest building is ................... 
3- The Great Bath of Indu Valley Civilization is found at?
4- The first metal used by the man was? 
5- The staple food of vedic aryan was? 
6- The word Veda means?  
7- Which is the only Indu Valley site with an artificial dockyard?  
8- The word Satyameva Jayate in the state emblem was taken from?  
9- The earliest city discovered in India was?
10- Kalibangan, the Indus Valley site is in