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Questions on Mensuration for Competitive Exams: Here are some very important and selected questions on Mensuration. Choose the correct ooption from the given choices.
1- A rectangular tank can hold 650 litres of milk . if it is 130cm long & 250cm wide , find the height of the tank?
2- A hall is of length 16m , breadth 14m & height 5m . Calculate the no of persons that can be accommodated in the hall , assuming 3.5m3 of air is required for each person?
3- A cylinder container with diameter 48cm contains sufficient water to submerge a rectangular solid of iron with dimensions 33cm x 18cm x 12cm. Find the rise in the level of water when solid is completely submerged?
4- The difference between the circumference and radius of a circle is 74 cm. Find the circle diameter?
5- Find the area of the rhombus if the length of each side be 7 cm. and corresponding altitude is 8 cm?
6- A solid cubical block of fine wood costs rupees 256 at rupees 500/m3. Find its volume and the length of each side?
7- What will be the volume of the cylinder in which area of the base is 45 sq.cm and height is 6 cm?
8- Area of 4 walls of a room is 108 m2 .If height and length of room is in ratio 2: 5 and height and breadth in ratio 4: 5. Find the area of floor of the room?
9- If Area of the square inscribed in a semicircle is 2cm2 .Find the area of the square inscribed in a full circle?
10- A cylinder tube open at boyh ends is made of metal. The internal diameter of the tube is 11.2 cm and its length is 21 cm .The metal everywhere is 0.4 cm thick . Calculate the volume of the metal correct to 1 place of decimal?