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Direction To Solve
Directions (Q. 1-5): Each of the questions below consists of a question and two or three statements given below it. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question.
1- Who is the uncle of L ?

A) P, brother of M, is father of L; M is father of S.

B) R is father of L’s cousin.
2- Who is to the North-East of R?

A) S is to the South-East of N, who is to the South West of P, who is to the North of Q.

B) T is to the North-West of Q, who is to the South of P.

C)R, who is to the North of S, is midway between N and Q, N being to the West of R.
3- How much did Sohil get as profit at the year end in the business done by Animesh, Sohil and Akhilesh?

A) Akhilesh invested Rs. 8000 for nine months, his profit was 3/2 times that of Sohil’s, and his investment was 4 times that of Animesh.

B) Animesh & Sohil invested for one year and in the proportion 1 :2 respectively.

C) The three together got Rs 1000 as profit at the year-end.
4- What is the rank of Suresh in a class of 17 students?

A)Nitin, having 13th rank from the bottom, is six ranks ahead of Bhupesh, who is two
ranks behind Suresh.

B) Bhupesh is four ranks ahead of Kamlesh.

C) Bhupesh is two ranks behind Suresh and Kamlesh’s rank is 15
5- Which code represents ‘Them’ in the given code language?

A) In the code language, ‘Se Me Ye’ means ‘Tell Them Young’ and ‘Me Yo Na Ye’
means ‘Wise Young Sharp Tell’.

B) In the code language ‘Na Ki Pa Lo’ means ‘Clever Sharp Come Tomorrow’ and ‘Ki Po Se Ye’ means ‘Bring Clever Young Them’.

C) In the code language, ‘Pa Na Se Ki Te’ means ‘Cleve Sharp Come Them No’ and’
Ki Ni Pa Be Te Na’ mean ‘Yellow Come Sharp Run Clever No’.