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Direction To Solve
Council of Ministers: These are some of the most common and important questions on the topic. Prepare the questions along with many other questions given on various topics.
1- Who was the first Foreign Minister of free India?
2- Who is called the Father of Indian economic reform?
3- Which of the following amendments of the Indian Constitution restricts the size of the Union Ministry?
4- Which one of the following motions can the council of Ministers of India move?
5- The first Law Minister of Independent India was?
6- To whom is the Council of Ministers responsible?
7- Survey of India is under the Ministry of?
8- Archaeological Survey of India is an attached office of the Department/Ministry of?
9- Under which one of the Ministries of the Government of India does the Food and Nutrition Board Work?
10- Under the administration of which one of the following is the Department of Atomic Energy?