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Questions on Fundamental Rights: Fundamental Rights ia a very important topic of the General Knowlede. We have compiled important questions on this topic so that our visitors can take maximum advantage and can prepare in a planned manner.
1- Which of these is NOT included as a Fundamental Right in the Indian Constitution?
2- Which of the following can a court issue for enforcement of Fundamental Rights?
3- Point  out which from the following is NOT a right enumerated in the Constitution of India but has been articulated by the Supreme Court  to be a Fundamental Rights?
4- Civil equality implies:
5- Who considered the Right to Constitutional Remedies as very “heart and soul” of the Indian Constitution?
6- Which of the following is a bulwark of personal freedom?
7- "Right to property" was removed from the list of Fundamental Rights during the rule of?
8- Political rights does not include which of the following?
9- Which of the following rights is not granted by the Constitution of India at present as a fundamental right?
10- Who is the guardian of Fundamental Rights enumerated in Indian Constitution?