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Direction To Solve
Questions about the Prime Minister: Prepare the questions given below, these questions are based on the post of the Prime Minister which is the most powerful post of our Nation. These are important and selected questions.
1- Who was the first woman to become the Prime Minister of a country?
2- In India, the Prime Minister remains in office so long as he enjoys the:
3- Which party provided two Prime Ministers in two year’s time?
4- Who among the following is the Chairman of the National Integration Council?
5- Who of the following became Prime Minister of India without becoming a union Cabinet Minister?
6- Who was the Prime Minister of India when the Anti-Defection Bill was passed?
7- Who among the following Indian Prime Ministers resigned before facing a vote of no-confidence in the Lok Sabha?
8- “Shakti-Sthal” is related to whom?
9- Which one of the following Prime Minister never faced the Parliament during the tenure?
10- The office of the Deputy Prime Minister: