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Direction To Solve

Which of the words/phrases (A), (B), (C), and (D), should replace the words/phrases given in italics in each of the following sentences so as to make the sentence effective and meaningfully correct. If the sentence is correct and needs no change, mark "E" as your answer.

1- They were all astonished at his failure in the examination.
2- Due to bad weather the number of the ships crossing the channel last week is very small.
3- She is worried about his health and also me.
4- Roads are wet, it must had rained last night.
5- She is tallest of all the girls.
6- It will depend now on they coming on time.
7- He has studied French since four years.
8- He had not ought to do it.
9- He decided to quickly leave the house.
10- The bag is so heavy that I can hardly carry it.