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IBPS Specialist Officer HR Questions: These questions are very important for IBPS Specialist HR Officer Exam. Questions are given in a simple language and are easy to understand. Detailed Explanation is also provided wherever required.
1- All of the following are phases of career development except: 
2- Performance Appraisal is a primary HRM process that links employees and organization and provides input for the other processes through these mean:
3- Total compensation is all form of direct and indirect compensation paid or provided to the employees in recognition of employment status and performance. All of the following are form of direct compensation except: 
4- Benefits that are required by law to provide to all employees are called: 
5- All of the following statutory benefit except:
6- Communicating effectively is very important for organization and its been done mostly in these ways except:
7- Protections and privileges negotiated for, and provided by, a legal and binding contract (e.g., union contract, employment contract, etc) for employees are called:
8- Typically, unions negotiate terms and conditions for represented employees in the areas of wages, hours, and employment conditions. Negotiation for hours are for:
9- If a worker gets injured on the job while performing duties of his job while performing duties of his job, the employer is obligated to pay the expenses of the injured employee who may become unemployed under the statutory benefit of:
10- Group can be rewarded in a Pay for Performance plan in all of the following ways except: