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Specialist Officer HR questions are hard to find on web. We are providing you very important questions on this topic. Important questions and answers are given which are very important and easy to understand.
1- The license fee can be paid to get a license for a factory maximum up to?
2- The renewal application for a license submitted after December 31st of the every year shall paid the fine amount?
3- The section 20 of the Factories Act discusses about?
4- The employment of young person on dangerous machines shall be prohibited under the section ………… of factories act, 1947?
5- A suitable goggles shall be provided for the protection of person employed in any factory is discussed in the section…………?
6- Section …. of the Factories Act describe about the right of the worker?
7- In case of employee covered under the ESI, the accident report shall be sent on …………….to local officer of the ESI to which the company attached?
8- Under the Factories Act 1948, a register of adult worker shall be maintained in ………..?
9- Under the Factories Act 1948, a register of  muster roll shall be maintain in………..?
10- Where ….  are employed in a factory, then there shall be a Safety Committee in the factory?